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Passenger Seats: 50
Crew: Dual Pilot*, 1 Flight Attendant
Cruise Speed: 280 knots (520 km/h)
Altitude: 7,620 (25,000 ft)

The Convair is operated worldwide with pre-dominant operations in and around the Canadian region and having been in service for a number of years this reflects the era of its design. However, with modern day avionics, re-engineering and a total refurbishment it has proven to be a reliable, fast and comfortable performer, operating worldwide with a great number of reputable operators.  Equipped with a pressurised and fully air conditioned cabin,a hot and cold service galley, rest room, and a professionally trained flight attendant - a very personalized and friendly in-flight service is guaranteed

Turbo Prop: Medium, Passengers: Max 50, depending on destination.