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EC120 - Eurocopter

Passengers*: 3 or 4
Flight Crew: 1 or 2
General Luggage Capacity*: 3 Large Cases** & 4 Carry on Bags
Cruise Speed: 120 knots
* Depending on required range & passenger numbers/weights
** Soft cases are ideal for maximum use of space
EC120 - Eurocopter

Designed with simplicity in mind, the EC120 is both user-friendly and versatile. Its performance, comfort, cost-effectiveness and low noise profile make this lightweight helicopter a popular choice for private customers and corporate travelers.

The EC120 comfortably seats one pilot and four passengers inside a wide,unobstructed cabin with ample leg room and air conditioning. Exceptionally low vibration levels provide additional comfort, and its third generation Fenestron® tail rotor make this rotor craft the quietest in its class. Adding to this helicopter’s appeal is a panoramic view through the expansive glass windshield and side windows, providing unmatched visibility for all those aboard.

EC120 - Eurocopter